Billy Vunipola and All Schools say Thank You to CBRE

England Rugby and All Schools say Thank you

CBRE Volunteers stand alongside Billy Vunipola 

Six Volunteers from across CBRE were given the rare opportunity to step on to the pitch at Twickenham Stadium and rub shoulders with England Number 8 Player, Billy Vunipola.

Billy joined the new 100 schools to join CBRE All Schools 2017 where they received their brand new Canterbury Kit. As a ‘thank you’ to CBRE from England Rugby and all the schools involved in the programme, six outstanding CBRE Volunteers were presented with a CBRE All Schools Canterbury shirt, designed by a school in their region.

CBRE All Schools Canterbury Shirts Presented

The six volunteers were selected to receive this token of thanks for their individual commitment to their local areas.  Chris Thomas from Bristol, James Kington from Manchester, Alex Herrmann from Birmingham, Mike Jones from Leeds and Alison McDonald and Chris Morgan from London have all gone above and beyond to help support schools, clubs, local coaches and students in the classroom.

They were given the opportunity to spend the morning with Billy Vunipola and the students from the new 100 Schools, preparing for CBRE All Schools’ moment on the Twickenham Pitch.



Chris Thomas commented, “What a great day! We are so pleased to be able to display the Canterbury shirts designed by our local school in Bristol as a reminder of the important part all our volunteers play in making the programme as success. The event was a true inspiration to all those that attended – Billy was brilliant, making all of us feel important. I know the students will remember that day for a long time!”

During the National Anthem, all 100 students sang proudly behind Laura White and the England and Italian sides.   All 100 New Canterbury shirts were made into a large Shirt banner displayed alongside the St George’s Flag and the Bandiera d’Italia.


Jones’ side went on to top the RBS 6 Nations table after their 36-15 win over Italy,  confirming the day’s events as an all-round success for England Rugby and CBRE.

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