CBRE Staff Volunteers begin their CBRE All Schools Term


Since September, over 68 staff have committed to the 2016/17 season of CBRE All Schools. All those staff have selected to become either coaches or referees as part of their volunteering hours have been received a Level 1 Secondary School Coaching Course and a placement in a local school for 6 weeks. The programme equips the volunteers with teaching skills to go into schools across the country and help England Rugby provide access to the sport.

The CBRE staff volunteering programme aims to deliver a cycle of CBRE volunteer training, development and deployment to support the growth of the game and develop links with schools across the country.

Utilising the skills and experience of CBRE Staff

For those unable to support on the field, CBRE have launched a new Mentorship programme, aiming to support the students in the classroom.  By utilising the skills, experience and knowledge of CBRE employees, the mentor programme helps high-risk students progress by positively engaging with them in workshops and providing one-to-one mentoring sessions. The workshops held once every half term help students achieve personal goals, strengthen their resolve to overcome obstacles and ensure they can communicate effectively and progress on their chosen path.

Amongst this year’s new volunteers includes JAMES PICKARD, Senior Analyst, Capital Advisors who has just completed his Level 1 Coaching Course;

“The course was well organised, all the instructors were prepared and very professional and we all learnt a lot.”



New Mentorship Programme Launched

JAMES KINGTON, Valuation, Manchester who has been leading the Mentor Programme in Manchester:

“Getting involved in this capacity was certainly a step outside of our comfort zones and it’s fair to say we were all a little nervous ahead of the first session, but the students involved have all been excellent” said James. “We have found them enthusiastic and motivated within the sessions and it’s been a pleasure to get to know them. They have undertaken some challenging tasks. We are really excited about the future and looking forward to helping these talented young men achieve their full potential.”

As a result of the support from CBRE staff both within the coaching and refereeing role and the mentoring role, some schools have noted a complete reversal in some students’ behaviour,

“ In the space of six months since we introduced the CBRE Staff to our school we have seen a significant impact on our students. Students are showing marked improvement in their behaviour , learning, social skills and performance, in some case attendance has risen by 15%”says Stuart Manifold, Manchester Enterprise Academy.
Ciaran Bird, CBRE UK Managing Director said: “Through our awarding winning apprenticeship programme, we recognise the importance of guiding young people to help achieve their goals. Being able to support those students in schools across the nation by simply utilising the skills and knowledge of our own staff is a great addition to our support of CBRE All Schools. Helping England Rugby install the key values of teamwork, discipline and respect not only through rugby but in the classroom is in keeping with our values as a business and helps us achieve our goal of being the most inclusive business in real estate.”

Thanks to the success of CBRE staff to date and the positive impact the programme is having on school children across the country, CBRE is now seeking more fantastic volunteers able to give up some of their time to make a huge difference to young people’s lives.

To sign up to volunteer in Spring 2017 and find out more about becoming a CBRE All Schools Coach, Referee or Mentor:


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