Creating a legacy, changing lives

Creating a legacy, changing lives


As title partner of England Rugby’s CBRE All Schools programme, CBRE aims to help deliver a lasting legacy. A legacy for school children, a legacy for schools, a legacy for communities and a legacy for rugby in England.

With the Rugby World Cup hosted in England in September 2015, there was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to create a nationwide celebration of the sport. Via CBRE All Schools, England Rugby identified an opportunity to deliver a positive legacy for one million children through rugby and its core values, by introducing the sport to 750 secondary state schools who haven’t traditionally played the sport.

Sporting legacy

Sporting Legacy

By targeting secondary state schools that have historically never had a rugby programme CBRE All Schools will create a unique sporting legacy. Providing equipment, kit and coaching, and investing time, resources and money, CBRE All Schools aims to build a sustainable school rugby initiative that can continue long into the future.

Having launched in 2012, last season saw over 130,000 school children playing rugby thanks to CBRE All Schools, including over 43,000 girls. With Women’s Rugby Sevens featuring at the Rio Olympics 2016 for the first time in history, there is a chance to bring rugby to a whole new audience, revolutionise school-level participation, and promote diversity and equality in sport.

Educational legacy

Educational LegacyBy engaging school boys and girls with rugby’s unique values of teamwork, discipline and respect, CBRE All Schools can also have an impact on attitudes and behaviour in classrooms, leaving a positive educational legacy.

Indeed, since its launch the programme has already had a material impact on the schools involved. Of those surveyed, over 75% said that extra curricula participation levels had increased as a result of CBRE All Schools, while 77% said it had impacted positively on pupils, including improved attainment, pride, discipline and academic performance.

Rugby is proven to have a positive effect on young people’s lives. CBRE is using CBRE All Schools as a platform to provide a range of support to the children and schools involved in the programme. Offering career talks and information on pathways to real estate, we aim to help children understand the variety of jobs and career routes open to them. Similarly, in linking CBRE All Schools with work experience opportunities and the award-winning CBRE apprenticeship scheme, we aim to engage young people with their futures both on and off the field.