Schools across England Celebrate CBRE All Schools Graduation

CBRE All Schools celebrates 100 graduating schools at Twickenham, with Teachers, Coaches, Parents, CBRE Volunteers and England Player, Jonny May.

Schools stretching nationwide from London, Bristol, Birmingham, to Manchester, Leeds, and Exeter attended Twickenham on Sunday 29 May as part of celebrations for 100 CBRE All Schools graduation. CBRE All Schools provides state secondary schools with a bespoke three-year delivery plan and package of funding, resources and support, to help embed rugby as a sport and ethos in their school, after three-year, the schools involved will have a fully sustainable programme of rugby and will officially ‘graduate’ before moving into Chapter 2 where there is a continuation of support through the local community rugby clubs.

Each of this year’s ‘graduating’ schools adopted CBRE All Schools in 2013, and have since successfully engaged with girls and boys aged between 11 – 16 years old, and introduced them to the sport, by running rugby training sessions during curriculum time and after school, so that thousands more pupils can experience and enjoy rugby throughout England.

Success measured and confirmed by Sheffield Hallam University

With the help of these schools, the programme, now in its fourth year, has seen over 130,000 state school students last year actively participate in rugby union across England, of which 33% are female, according to research by Sheffield Hallam University.

As well as increasing overall participation to rugby union, research also showed that 70% of young people taking part were more confident as a result.  Evidence also showed that the core values of rugby had also been adopted by staff and pupils alike, with nearly two thirds (63%) of schools reporting pupils showing signs of embodying Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship, demonstrating that CBRE All Schools can also have an impact on attitudes and behaviour in classrooms, leaving a positive educational legacy.

Through the programme many students were also trained as ICAP Young Leaders, meaning they seeing numbers rise to more than 2,600 students trained across the programme and many went on to join local community rugby clubs across the UK.

Of this year’s graduating schools, there were also positive signs of sustainability, with 95% of schools continuing to provide rugby union as part of their school curriculum, and three quarters of schools have built rugby into their long-term strategy for PE, with demand for the game appearing to be student-led.

Steve Grainger, RFU Development Director said:  
“It is great to see so many more people playing and engaging in rugby thanks to CBRE All Schools. The 100 graduating schools should be immensely proud of what they have achieved over the past three years. We are determined to keep the momentum up as we expand the programme further and work towards meeting our target of introducing 750 schools to the programme by Rugby World Cup in Japan 2019 .” 

Each of the 100 graduating schools in 2016 was awarded a personalised plaque presented by Jonny May to mark their individual achievements.

Here are some photos of the celebrations on the day: