New THANK YOU RUGBY App Launches

New THANK YOU RUGBY App launches allowing CBRE All Schools, Volunteers and rugby fans to show support for Rugby and its values

MeenyThank You Rugby App to bring entire rugby community together

Rugby players, fans, teachers, coaches and community leaders across England have been encouraged to get behind the sport by changing their social media “profile pictures” and “cover photos” on Sunday 29th May to say ‘Thank You Rugby’, with a new online app.

The app, which will be live from Monday 23rd May, aims to bring the entire rugby community across England together to celebrate the positive impact that rugby has on schools, students, individuals, and communities on Sunday 29th May, to coincide with when England face Wales in a capped match at Twickenham Stadium.

Anyone activity involved with rugby, at any level, will be able to change their profile picture to feature a special ‘Thank you Rugby’ message, as well as personalize their cover photo by selecting a single attribute that they feel that rugby has given to them, from a selection of over ten options, which include advantages such as ‘Confidence’, ‘ Determination’, ‘Skills’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Respect’ which will remain there as long as the user wishes.

Fans who use the app will also unlock a series of ‘exclusive’ video tips from England Rugby’s Full-back and Campaign Ambassador Mike Brown, who will teach users skills in ‘Defense’, working thePendulum’ technique and ‘Communication’.

Celebration of 100 Schools graduating from CBRE All Schools

The personalised ‘Thank You’ profile and cover photos and tips have been designed by CBRE ALL Schools as part of their ‘Thank you Rugby’ campaign, which will culminate on Sunday the 29th May at its annual graduation celebrations, which celebrates 100 of the 400 participating schools graduate from CBRE All Schools.

Users will also be able to share their story and why they want to say ‘Thank You Rugby’ by posting @ThankYouRugby on Twitter or Facebook giving them a chance to win an England Shirt signed by England and Harlequins Player Mike Brown.

Brown, who launched the ‘Thank You Rugby’ campaign earlier this month encouraged fans of the sport nationwide to get involved and show their support for rugby by using the app. He said:

“If it wasn’t for rugby, I wouldn’t have had that focus and could’ve been off doing all sorts. Being part of a team with school friends and learning values like respect and discipline stands young players in good stead for life. I want to Thank Rugby for commitment and passion, and encourage players from anywhere, any age and any background to show their support for rugby by saying ‘Thank You Rugby’.”

Jason Leonard, former England player and President of the RFU showed his support for the campaign and thanked rugby for ‘Friendship’, and all that the sport has given him.

Fans and members of the rugby community can also get involved by following the campaign and telling us what you would like to say ‘Thank You Rugby’ for :


Twitter: @ThankYouRugby #ThankYouRugby

For more information on the competitions on offer for those that engage with the campaign visit

Download ‘Thank You Rugby’ APP here


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